About Rochelle ~~


Rochelle Baca is a Traditional Herbalist and Teacher.  Born and raised in California, Rochelle began her relationship with Herbalism in her teens, delving into books by Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed and the comprehensive guide Prescription For Nutritional Healing, learning about the human body and how it functions better with eating whole foods and utilizing herbs in our everyday lives.  inspired by activists and advocates Jack Herer and Ed Rosenthal, Rochelle's spiritual journey with cannabis medicine heightened her awareness that there were medicinal benefits in all plants.  As she tries to decrease the stigma that has grown around cannabis due to reefer madness, she teaches simplistic, traditional medicine making techniques with cannabis and all other sacred plants.  After taking herbalism classes being offered at a community college near where she lived in New York, she saw the need for community awareness about herbs.  she gathered together a circle of people to learn from Rosemary Gladstar's "Science and Art of Herbalism."  Not being enough, Rochelle made treks to Sage Mountain to learn from Rosemary Gladstar and Rocio Alarcón. 

After moving to Maine, in 2016, Rochelle published an article on cannabis in Essential Herbal Magazine.  In addition to teaching the “Science and Art of Herbalism” at Rosemary Gladstar’s invitation, Rochelle continues to deepen her spiritual connection with Cannabis, working with clients, making Sacred Plant Cannabis Medicine, and teaching others about the healing energy of this powerful plant ally and how they can make their own medicine.

Rochelle has been teaching Sacred Plant Cannabis Medicine Making classes throughout the Northeast including at Margi Flint’s Earthsong Herbals in Marblehead, MA.  Rochelle has taught at the New England Women's Herbal Conference and Intensives at the Healing Power of Cannabis Conference.


Rochelle, as well as having studied with Rosemary Gladstar, has taken classes with many well known Herbalists to nurture her quest for knowledge including, Anne Marie Tedeschi (Infinite Roots Herbal Creations), Megan Brown (Harvest Moon Herbals), Helen Ward (Sage Mountain, Three Springs Farms), Nancy Phillips (Heartsong Farm) and Margi Flint (Earthsong Herbals).  Rochelle has furthered her education learning from Melanie Rose Scofield of Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions where she earned her Advanced Herbal Studies Certificate.  In addition, Rochelle has studied Shamanic Techniques with Dr. Rocio Alarcón, Director of The Iamoe Center in Ecuador, whose encouragement has facilitated Rochelle’s sharing her Sacred Plant Medicine wisdom with a wider audience.


Rochelle continues to speak and write and hopes a book will be in her future!