Small Corduroy Cotton Medicine Bag

Small Corduroy Cotton Medicine Bag

FINALLY!  A true Herbal Medicine Bag that actually holds 1/2 oz , 1 oz, 2 oz, & 4 oz bottles standing straight up!  I needed this bag!  I envisioned this bag!  With the help of my very talented friends, Jess & Crowley of Crowley's Corner, we have made this dream come true!  In a collaborative effort with Jess, I drew a picture, conveyed what I would need and she literally sewed it into a reality.  It's padded, it's sturdy and it is built with luv and the intentions of being used.  

This beautiful, original, one-of-a-kind bag holds up to (13) 1 oz. tincture bottles.  There are removable dividers that can be configured in numerous ways.  Design your bag how you see fit!  It has a zipper pouch in front and a stretchy pouch in back.  There is also a zipper pocket on the inside of the lid and a handle on to for carrying.   

This Small Corduroy Cotton Medicine bag comes with 4 small dividers and 1 large divider.  The bag measures approximately 7"w x 5"d x 5"h.


    Hand wash/spot clean & air dry.


    All bags are handmade & have been inspected for defects.  Please be sure that this fantastic bag is what you want to purchase.  All sales are final.  Thank you.