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September 25-27, 2020


Rochelle will be holding a Sacred Plant Spa Night for the Woman's Retreat, 'At the Ancestor's Feet,' in Wells, NY.

The Retreat will focus on Seeds.

We are honored and blessed to have The following Healers here, Mentor, Rocio Alarcon and Healer, Willow Diana.

They will be leading the ceremonies and helping open the new space, the Biscuit.

There will be loads of sweet healing gifts to take home with you... syrups, tincture, jewelery, and so much to keep the healing flowing.

Below are the list of women that will be teaching:

Rocío Alarcón- Healing techniques and practices with the help of Seeds.
Willow Diana - Cacao Ceremony
Rochelle Baca - Sacred Plant Spa Day
Jill E. Bean - Elderberry Syrup for Protection
Lori Beck - Intentional Gemstone Jewlery Wire Wrapping
Liz Buck Henke - Annointing Oils
Jenni Love Hoyt - Sound Bath Healing
Kim Moratto - Orgonite
Melissa Zena Morrison - Addressing Adrenal fatigue
Melissa Rivera - Cold processed soap making
Tiffany Johnson-Robbins - Wild Edibles
Sarah Shepherd - Beauty and the Beehive:
Cheryl Sprague - Sacred Creations Dream Catcher's
Erin VanRiper - Creating Fire
Charlotte Whalen - Weaving Sacred Seed Vessels

Also offered will be:

Healing Massages, for a reasonable fee, in the healing room with Irene Ramos and Michele Courten Derwin.
Morning Yoga with Sarah Sara Artist Yogi Hart.

Space is limited to 50, so, sign up early!


For more info and registration…




💞🌻💞 A gathering to heal and fill the soul.💞🌻💞

A little about Rocio:

Dr. Rocίo Alarcón obtained her doctorate in Philosophy-Ethnopharmacology at University College London.

As founder and director of IAMOE Center, she draws from more than 30 years of field work and research experience to protect the rain forest and save the ancestral knowledge of the people near the center and in surrounding regions.
Rocio specializes in subjects relating to healing ceremonies and master plants, as well as the use of plants as food and medicine and in the art of weaving with natural fibers from plants to produce tools and useful items.

A little about Willow:

Willow has been reading over 20 years.

She is an Ordained Minister & Spiritual Consultant Reiki Master/Teacher-Integrated Energy Therapy ( IET) Practitioner- Crystal Healing-Tuning Fork Therapy Practictioner/Teacher- Etheric Reconstruction/Psychic Surgery Practitioner/Teacher-Hebalist- Healing Henna Aritst -Psychic Tarot Reader And Paranormal Investigator. ~ Young Living Essential Oils Consultant.

There is a “knowing” out there that sometimes she cannot explain... 

We are taught beliefs that conflict with our inner instinct, Our Inner self. This can create imbalances and dis‘ease.  

Willow went out to learn, heal and evolve. Many teachers,helped her to “remember” her way, Gaining new perspectives, healing spiritually and transforming.

Thanks for joining the Sacred Plant Teachings Family!

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