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The ​Sacred Plant Herbal Teachings Herbal Apprenticeship provides an excellent, solid foundation of herbal knowledge and wisdom. The Lessons combine earth awareness, scientific observation and research added with practical folklore techniques and teachings to form a well-rounded study of the Science and Art of Herbalism.
The 10-month Herbal Apprenticeship is led by Rochelle Baca. Rochelle will provide a knowledgeable understanding of how to utilize Herbal Medicine throughout each lesson.  Throughout this Apprenticeship, you will be guided to create, learn and understand Herbal preparations.  This will include decoctions, infusions, herbal oils, salves, ointments, balms, tinctures, liniments, capsules, herbal pills and more!  This class will help you form a strong foundation upon which to build a lifetime of Herbal knowledge.  
Rochelle has a background in Community & Advanced Herbal Studies, Botanical Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. Rochelle will also extend into how she has utilized Sacred Plant Cannabis as a medicine and as how it can be utilized with other herbs.​​​ This is one of Rochelle's main goals within the Herbal Community is teaching how Cannabis belongs in the Apothecary.

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All of the above Sacred Plant Herbs are organic, or wild-crafted, and packaged in bio-degradable bags. As part of the Herbal Apprenticeship, you will receive more than 60 herbs to give you a head start on building your very own apothecary right from the beginning of the course.  
Over the length of the course, you will get to know each herb, a little bit at a time, allowing you to create a world of knowledge and understanding of how to efficiently and effectively use herbs in your everyday life.  All of the herbs, over 60, are individually wrapped and labeled in certified biodegradable bags!!! (We would have it no other way.)  This way, they can be stored in a nice, dark, cool place for using in your lessons, or, they can be transferred into glass jars.  

I greatly enjoy teaching this class with all of my heart and I believe my deep connection to the plants translates to a great learning experience for my students! I hope to see you soon!

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**For one-on-one classes, it will take approximately 3 weeks to order and receive your books.  Keep this in mind if you have a specific date you would like your class to start.
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