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Sacred Plant Herbal Teachings 🌿

Is looking for a place to host a class this coming spring 2021, beginning between April/May.

Have you ever wanted to get Certified as an Herbalist and didn’t want to leave your home?  Maybe you have the prettiest gardens and you want to share!   Well, this will be my third time offering this special opportunity due to Covid and my house being a tight fit,  I am looking for someone to be a student host for The Science and Art of Herbalism 10-month class at their home.

I need to gather at least 5 students plus you!  Your reward would be tuition at 1/2 price!  All herbs, book binder and teachings will be included in this price for you.

I am located outside of Middlebury, VT. and I will travel anywhere that is within a 4 hour distance. We are looking for places to teach that have ample space where we can gather as a group of at least six and sit at least six feet apart to practice socially distancing responsibly.

As the world moves forward into a safer place with Covid, we can all get a little closer.  In the meantime,  Masks will be required.

If you have interest in studying with me, email


 Stay safe and healthy during these transitions!


“It is the plants that has led us thus far, it is plants that will lead us home” 

Thanks for joining the Sacred Plant Teachings Family!

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