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Journeying with Sacred Plant Cannabis

Join me for an evening discussing Sacred Plant Cannabis. This is a class to taste, sit, and feel comfortable learning her constituents. It is time to lose the fear and stigma.
In this class, we will gain an understanding of what bodies systems she connects with and how we can use her on a everyday basis to provide the healing and relief you’re searching for. 
For thousands of years, Shamans have connected with psychoactive plants to reach a higher sense of being and awareness. On this journey we will work with non-psychoactive and psychoactive constituents. We will learn and understand that you do not need to be “high” to connect with your higher source, that just connecting with her can create a Spiritual place of well being.
We will be utilizing organic Sacred Plant Tinctures. Sitting with Sacred Plant for deeper connections. Plant gazing meditation.
Taste testing is not required. Purely optional.
You must be 21 years or older or have your state of Maine Medical Cannabis Card.
We will have light snacks that are vegan and organic. Clean food is beyond important to our bodies systems. We will have tea! We always have tea!
Please feel free to bring a vegan organic snack to contribute.
Looking very forward to connecting deeply with you, with Sacred Plant.

Date:  July 27, 2018

Time:  4:20pm

Location:  Holden, ME

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For those who need, overnight accommodations can be provided.
I Am asking for a $10 donation to help cover expenses, but, please do not hesitate on coming! 
Many Green Blessings

Thanks for joining the Sacred Plant Teachings Family!

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