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APRIL 30 - MAY 3, 2020

Immerse yourself in the magic of Boulderwood, a beautiful 11 bedroom estate situated on 75 acres with its very own spring out the back door and connected to a medieval forest.

Now imagine yourself making sacred plant under the tutelage of Traditional Herbalist and Medicine Maker, Rochelle Baca and her protege, Carole Murko, who is a Master Chef and TV cooking show host and instructor as well as your host for the weekend.

Rochelle Baca and Carole Murko

In this 2 1/2 day retreat, we will make several kinds of medicine:

  • THC and CBD salves

  • THCa tincture (an amazing inflammation tamer + more!)

  • Canna butter and canna oil

  • Tea

  • Yummy Edibles

We will sprinkle in time for forest bathing, in neighboring Ice Glen with it's medieval forest as well as Bear Town State Forest, and participate in several guided meditations--

  • Conscious breath

  • Singing bowl

  • Outdoor Meditation around a fire pit (weather permitting)

Carole will be preparing all the meals and the menu will be predominantly vegetarian.


  • Thursday, April 30th - Arrive in the evening.  A casual light meal will be available.

  • Friday, May 1st - (2) medicine-making sessions (topicals, tinctures and oils), Forest Bathing and Evening Meditation.

  • Saturday, May 2nd - (2) medicine-making sessions, Medible-making session, free time for contemplation and Evening Meditation.

  • Sunday, May 3rd - (1) medicine-making session, Cannabis Meditation, Good-byes.


  • Thursday, April 30th - Dinner

  • Friday, May 1st - Breakfast, lunch and Dinner + snacks

  • Saturday, May 2nd - Breakfast, lunch and Dinner + snacks

  • Sunday, May 3rd - Breakfast


  • We have single and shared rooms.  Bathrooms are shared.

Workshop Weekend $795.~~

  • includes instruction and materials

  • all meals

  • lodging

  • meditation guides

  • kitchen helper

**We are looking for a person (maybe 2) who is interested in doing a work trade.  Please contact

Thanks for joining the Sacred Plant Teachings Family!

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