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Psilocybin in the Modern Age

As one state and a number of cities across the U.S. have legalized/decriminalized the use of Psilocybin, its use has become more main stream. It is important that before delving into these magical mushrooms, one should be educated with an understanding of how this fungus works.

Science has taught us much and has been a great contributor in understanding nature better. Prior to our modern world scientific understanding, when studying nature we relied upon Spirit, Animals & lessons from other well Earth connected teachers. This is the way for many Earth connected people now.

Seers, Healers, Indigo Children… etc.


It is also a time for many people to feel the need to exercise their rights as a human to try.

A great teacher once told me the moment a plant becomes famous it becomes a huge commodity in life. This can become detrimental to the growing practices and environments when trying to assure proper keeping’s up with growing practices.

The great thing about our psychotropic plants is that we as humans have been forced into a place of hiding and holding these plants and mushrooms in a higher spiritual order to make sure when the time was right there would be an abundance for each of us. So please! No your grower!

On all levels! What are they putting into your medicine?


Because we are truly meant to be ingesting these plants on some level in our lives to reach our next levels of healing, understandings and compassion.

We need to uphold the plants dignity and spirits in the utmost highest respect.


As we have learned over the past decade also, we do not need a lot of these psychotropic plants and mushrooms to have a cause an effect. It takes the smallest amount to create a massive, existential shift within ourselves.

The work, teachings & formulating I have been doing for the past 30 years has began to come full circle as I watch humans partaking in ways I never thought would exists in my lifetime. As I spent ample years in my teens into my adult life experiencing with these psychotropic mushrooms & Sacred Plant Cannabis. Which at this point you know I hold to the highest esteem possible. She is my ally and my friend and I Am changing the way we look at these plants in our community. It’s important that we do this so we move forward in our futures with the healing we need.

As these spiritual and deeply connected to the Mama Earth plants & fungi continue to come forward in our lives we’re having the opportunity to take many classes now on how they are helping our bodies to heal and to have actual continual healing throughout our lives.

I have been practicing with psychotropic medicines for most of my life. Throughout these practices I have been guided to being a teacher. I honestly never even asked for this and at some points due to legality and being in illegal states made me fearful until I understood that the plants choose us.

An honor I hold in the highest ……

It takes years for some to realize their callings and teachings needed on this planet and I have always considered myself a late bloomer in everything. I learned though the reason I Am like this is because I like to be very sure of the things I Am doing or learning and teaching at the time. My studies have taken me to direct places into the heart of the plants where it does not matter what other humans have said.

Prior to Cannabis’ legalities changing I was deeply considered a “black sheep,” or called ridiculous names like, “stoner.”

We are not sheep, nor stoned. We are elevated and here to bring change. Where change is greatly needed.

The plants are here for a reason and we should be listening. We listened to them in the beginning and somewhere along our divine process they were put on hold until Covid came. I have never in my life seen such an uprise in psychedelic mushrooms in my whole life. The trauma and ptsd so many of us have faced since Covid has began, has made this an ample opportunity to heed the calling of the sacred mushrooms. I personally have created an amazing Electuary or two over the past year of being at home and sitting deeper with the plants and fungi.

During my studies and chats with other amazing teachers we came across this great chart.


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